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About the Program

The BRKV Work Abroad Program is for intelligent young professionals, with a passion for business looking to take the necessary steps to achieve their goals, and succeed.

We are always seeking young, talented graduates, from varying different work backgrounds. Although we do require our prospects to possess some previous work experience, we will consider all types, from finance and accounting, to HR and business.

about brkv
about brkv
Working Abroad


If your application is successful, you will be contacted for a skype interview and further plans will be made.

about brkv
Working Abroad


BRKV will take care of necessary visa, and accommodation arrangements on arrival for the first month. Accommodation will be paid for, and you will be compensated with a basic wage to cover your living expenses whilst on your first month.

about brkv
about brkv
Working Abroad

Get Started

While overseas you will learn day to day operations, and upon successful completion of the work abroad first month program, we offer a 6-12 month working contract.

about brkv
Working Abroad

What we do?

We’re in the business of finding talent to recruit and train in order to succeed within BRKV.

With on the job training, we provide the opportunity to young professionals to grow their experience, expand their knowledge, and achieve their career goals.

BRKV has always held the firm belief of high levels of energy, integrity, and the ability to learn and build positive business relationships. At BRKV, we train individuals who have the determination and drive for a career. Following a trial, we offer only the best and brightest the change to progress with BRKV.

Working Abroad


BRKV considers any experience within the Business Sector hugely advantageous, although we will consider anyone we think may be suitable for the company, regardless of work history. We consider finding the right person with the right vision, and skills who we can train for the business, more important than experience. Fluent English a necessity.

Potential placements range anywhere from Business Development, Administration, and Bookkeeping, to Marketing and Sales.

Work Abroad

Contact Us.

Brink Ventures Limited
71–75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ.

We are a private investment group of battle hardened entrepreneurs who operate in multiple countries and industries and do so speaking several different languages.

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